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Updated Monday 08 July 2024
The International Cable Protection Committee (ICPC) was founded in 1958 and its Membership comprises of governmental administrations and commercial companies that own or operate submarine telecommunications or power cables, as well as other companies that have an interest in the submarine cable industry—including most of the world’s major cable system owners and cable ship operators. The primary purpose of the ICPC is to help its Members to improve the security of undersea cables by providing a forum in which relevant technical, legal and environmental information can be exchanged.

Mission: The International Cable Protection Committee is the world’s leading organisation promoting submarine cable protection and resilience. 

The ICPC works with its members, governments, international organizations, other marine industries, and the scientific community to:  mitigate risks of natural and human damage to cables; develop recommendations and best practices for industry and governments throughout the cable project life cycle; promote scientific research addressing how cables exist in the marine environment; and promote the rule of law for the oceans.

Vision: The ICPC envisions a global network of reliable and resilient submarine cables that coexist with the marine environment.

Prime Activities of the ICPC:
Chair: EGS - Current Representative Mr Graham Evans
Vice Chair: Southern Cross Cables Limited - Current Representative Mr Dean Veverka
Company Secretary: Current Representative Mr Ryan Wopschall
HQ Location: United Kingdom (UK)
ICPC Established in the UK: 22nd May 1958
Funding: 2500 UK Pounds for Full Membership and 2200 UK Pounds for Associate and Government Membership
Membership of ICPC: As of April 2024, ICPC has more than 215 Members from over 70 different countries/territories

View: The Chair's Introduction to the ICPC here. [?]

Membership Availability: Subject to satisfying the criteria that are defined with the ICPC Membership Agreement, Membership is available to Submarine Cable Owners, Submarine Cable Maintenance Authorities, Submarine Cable System Manufacturers, Cable Ship Operators, Submarine Cable Route Survey Companies and Governments. Associate Membership is available to any organisation or individual that has an interest in the submarine cable industry, wishes to be informed about its development and wants to support the ICPC in achieving its goals. View the online application to join the ICPC.

Membership Benefits:
Management Structure: An Executive Committee is elected to represent the membership as the customers of ICPC Ltd. The latter is a non-profit corporation that helps to protect submarine cables from man-made and natural hazards via delivery of the following services:Competition Law Code of Conduct: All ICPC Members and each of their Representatives are expected to read the ICPC Competition Law Code of Conduct [?] and undertake to adhere to the commitments it sets out. Further information concerning the background to this Code of Conduct can be obtained from the Secretary. On the 9th October 2012, the ICPC's Executive Committee, Legal and Environmental Advisors, General Manager and Secretariat participated in a training session on the UK Bribery Act.

Publications: Promotional films, warning charts and literature on cable protection issues, either directly or through individual members. Publications page.

Meetings: Plenary meeting of ICPC Members usually held during second quarter of each year.

Contact: All communications with ICPC initially via the Secretary.

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