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Fisheries Liaison

Updated Monday 29 September 2014
The 2002 EC Meeting agreed that the ICPC should have a web-based facility that collated all available information about what individual Members have done in relation to the fishing industry. This page has been created to start this process.
A Fishing Industry Guide to Offshore Operators Adobe Acrobat Document (.pdf) - 1.15 MB
produced by UK-based FOOCG (Fisheries and Offshore Oil Consultative Group)

Cable Warning Chart Coverage Adobe Acrobat Document (.pdf) - 139 KB
Issue 8 - ICPC Handbook Item 17. A list of cable warning charts available from ICPC Members.

Fishing and Submarine Cables Adobe Acrobat Document (.pdf) - 1.81 MB
Informative booklet showing how the fishing and submarine cable communities can work together. Acrobat PDF format.

The REACH/SCCL/AJCL Cable Protection Brochure Adobe Acrobat Document (.pdf) - 899 KB
has guidelines on keeping away from cables and what to do when one gets hooked.

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