Submarine Cable Protection and the Environment

Updated Wednesday 31 March 2021

The International Cable Protection Committee (ICPC) is pleased to announce the second issue of our bi-annual, marine-focused newsletter titled “Submarine Cable Protection and the Environment.” The publication—written by ICPC’s Marine Environmental Advisor, Dr Mike Clare—is a new and timely reference for all seabed users, the scientific community and general public who share the same vital goal as the ICPC—safeguarding submarine telecommunications and power cables worldwide.

The ICPC provides a forum for the exchange of technical, legal and environmental information about submarine cables. If interested in learning more about ICPC's publications and outreach please visit our Publications page. If interested in joining the ICPC, click here.

Submarine Cable Protection and the Environment Archive

Issue 2 - March 2021
Issue 1 - September 2020

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