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Updated Tuesday 03 December 2019

Curie: A look inside Google’s International Private Subsea Cable

How much do you know about Google’s infrastructure? What about our internet under the sea? Follow a behind-the-scenes journey of our international private subsea cable – Curie. Named after the first female Nobel Prize winner, Marie Curie, the Curie subsea cable improves Google Cloud’s network infrastructure by connecting Valparaiso, Chile with Los Angeles, California.

Video and description above provided courtesy of Google Cloud.

DownloadThe Catch that Nobody Wants (1973) (20:57)

In 1973, ICPC produced its first video titled: "The Catch that Nobody Wants." It depicts the dilemma of a trawler skipper who finds his fishing gear entangled with a subsea cable. The film dramatises the consequences and some of the hazards the cableship’s crew have to face and prepare in order to restore the cable back into service. The film gained three awards at different trade film festivals.

DownloadOcean Currents - The world of submarine power cables (16:13)

As renewable energy generation moves offshore, there is an increasing focus on the submarine power cables that carry "green" energy to onshore regional power grids. This is especially the case for the rapidly expanding offshore wind turbine farms. Ocean Currents is a new documentary, commissioned by the ICPC, to provide an informative overview of submarine power cables from their beginnings in the 19th century to the modern day when they are now an integral part of the global energy supply.

DownloadThe ICPC - Keeping the world connected (16:19)

This 16 minute video was produced in 2012 and covers historical, legal and environmental aspects of submarine cables, human and natural hazards and future challenges.

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