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About the ICPC

Updated Wednesday 01 July 2020
The International Cable Protection Committee (ICPC) was founded in 1958 and its Membership comprises of governmental administrations and commercial companies that own or operate submarine telecommunications or power cables, as well as other companies that have an interest in the submarine cable industry—including most of the world’s major cable system owners and cable ship operators. The primary purpose of the ICPC is to help its Members to improve the security of undersea cables by providing a forum in which relevant technical, legal and environmental information can be exchanged.

Prime Activities of the ICPC:
  • Promote awareness of submarine cables as critical infrastructure to governments and other users of the seabed
  • Establish internationally agreed recommendations for cable installation, protection and maintenance
  • Monitor the evolution of international treaties and national legislation and help to ensure that submarine cable interests are fully protected
  • Liaison with UN Bodies
Chair: Basslink - Current Representative Mr Malcolm Eccles

Vice Chair: EGS - Current Representative Mr Graham Evans

Company Secretary: Current Representative Mr Ryan Wopschall

HQ Location: United Kingdom (UK)

ICPC Established in the UK: 22nd May 1958

Funding: 2500 UK Pounds for Full Membership and 2200 UK Pounds for Associate and Government Membership

Membership of ICPC: As of September 2019 - more than 170 Members from more than 65 countries/territories

View: The Chair's Introduction to the ICPC here. [?]

Membership Availability: Subject to satisfying the criteria that are defined with the ICPC Membership Agreement, Membership is available to Submarine Cable Owners, Submarine Cable Maintenance Authorities, Submarine Cable System Manufacturers, Cable Ship Operators, Submarine Cable Route Survey Companies and Governments. Associate Membership is available to any organisation or individual that has an interest in the submarine cable industry, wishes to be informed about its development and wants to support the ICPC in achieving its goals. View the online application to join the ICPC.

Membership Benefits:
  • Each month you will receive an Environment Update newsletter written by ICPC’s Marine Environmental Advisor and a quarterly newsletter which addresses past, present and future activities and outreach the ICPC is performing.
  • Members also receive (up to two) complimentary delegate passes for their organisation to attend its annual Plenary which takes place in a different region of the world and usually occurs during the second quarter of each year. ICPC Plenaries present opportunities to network with colleagues and exchange ideas on the planning, installation, operation and maintenance of cables. Past ICPC Plenary highlights are found under “Events.”
  • Once your organisation becomes a Member, you will gain access to the Members section of the ICPC website which contains a wealth of technical and environmental information on submarine cables as well as receive industry-related e-mails sent to the Membership. Anyone in your organisation can request to obtain web access as well as be included in the ICPC mailing list.
Management Structure: An Executive Committee is elected to represent the membership as the customers of ICPC Ltd. The latter is a non-profit corporation that helps to protect submarine cables from man-made and natural hazards via delivery of the following services:
  • Producing and maintaining industry recommendations that define the minimum standards for cable route planning, installation, operation, maintenance and protection.
  • Facilitating the exchange of technical, environmental and legal information pertaining to submarine cable systems.
  • Responding to general enquiries on matters relating to international law and environmental issues in relation to submarine cables.
  • Monitoring of emerging legislation and providing information wherever necessary to protect the legal rights of submarine cables.
  • Promoting awareness of the strategic, economic and social benefits of submarine cables, especially to Government agencies, the fishing industry and other seabed users.
  • Sponsorship of projects and/or programmes that are agreed to be beneficial for the protection of submarine cable systems.
  • Providing relevant information to prospective new cable owners to encourage the adoption of minimum industry standards.
  • Facilitating effective communication between the members of the ICPC and the leading suppliers of technology in the submarine cable industry.
  • Developing and maintaining a website to serve the common interest of the ICPC's members via public and private (password protected) areas.
  • Developing affiliations with other international associations representing seabed users.
Competition Law Code of Conduct: All ICPC Members and each of their Representatives are expected to read the ICPC Competition Law Code of Conduct [?] and undertake to adhere to the commitments it sets out. Further information concerning the background to this Code of Conduct can be obtained from the Secretary. On the 9th October 2012, the ICPC's Executive Committee, Legal and Environmental Advisors, General Manager and Secretariat participated in a training session on the UK Bribery Act.

Publications: Promotional films, warning charts and literature on cable protection issues, either directly or through individual members. Publications page.

Meetings: Plenary meeting of ICPC Members usually held during second quarter of each year.

Contact: All communications with ICPC initially via the Secretary.
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