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Government & Law

Updated Monday 29 September 2014
Convention on the Continental Shelf (1958) Adobe Acrobat Document (.pdf) - 82 KB
NB: the 1958 Law of the Sea Conventions have been largely superseded by the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea

Convention on the High Seas (1958) Adobe Acrobat Document (.pdf) - 125 KB

Convention on the Territorial Sea (1958) Adobe Acrobat Document (.pdf) - 123 KB

International Convention of March 14, 1884 for the Protection of Submarine Cables Adobe Acrobat Document (.pdf) - 120 KB
The breaking or injury of a submarine cable, done wilfully or through culpable negligence, and resulting in the total or partial interruption or embarrassment of telegraphic communications, shall be a punishable offence, but the punishment inflicted shall be no bar to a civil action for damages.

Legal Regimes Chart Adobe Acrobat Document (.pdf) - 89 KB
Chart prepared by the ICPC's International Cable Law Adviser showing the various legal regimes that apply to submarine cables in US national waters and beyond.

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