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The ICPC has more than 200 MEMBERS from over 70 COUNTRIES and has the vision to be the recognised Guardian of Subsea Cable Infrastructure, providing leadership, guidance and a voice for the industry. The ICPC ACHIEVEMENTS and activities advance the ICPC towards this vision.
  • International Cable Protection Committee represents 98% of the world's subsea telecom cables
  • Leading HVDC Power Cable Owners, Offshore Renewables developers are members of the ICPC
  • Cable ship owners, operators, cable manufacturers and others involved in the industry are members
  • Government membership allows decision makers and regulators to engage with industry and share technical expertise

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Message from the International Cable Protection Committee: Recent Events Involving Submarine Cables in the Red Sea

Wednesday, 28 February 2024

PORTSMOUTH, United Kingdom—The International Cable Protection Committee (ICPC), the world’s leading organisation promoting submarine cable protection and resilience, notes with concern reports of submarine cable damage in the Red Sea. Consistent with ICPC’s Government Best Practices for Protecting and Promoting Resilience of Submarine Telecommunications Cables, the ICPC urges operators to investigate the causes of damage to Red Sea cables and engage with governments about the implications of such damage. The global submarine cable network of more than 400 cable systems and 1.5 million kilometres of submarine cables cross the oceans worldwide. This network underpins our daily lives, carrying more than 99% of all digital data traffic worldwide, including the Internet. On average around 150 faults occur each year, which are mostly due to accidental human activities such as fishing and anchoring.

The ICPC also urges governments to coordinate with operators to identify and mitigate causes of damage, expedite permits for repairs, and provide security for vessels engaged in such repairs.

About the ICPC: To promote submarine cable protection and resilience, the ICPC works with its members, governments, international organisations, other marine industries, and the scientific community to: mitigate risks of natural and human damage to cables; develop recommendations and best practices for industry and governments throughout the cable project life cycle; promote scientific research addressing how cables exist in the marine environment; and promote the rule of law for the oceans. The ICPC has more than 215 member organisations from 70 countries who build, operate, and maintain submarine telecommunications and power cable infrastructure. To learn more, send an e-mail to

2024 ICPC Plenary 'Call for Presentations'

Wednesday, 22 November 2023

Abstracts Due, Friday 26th January 2024

Formerly named the ‘Call for Papers,’ ICPC is very pleased to announce the issuance of the 2024 ICPC 'Call for Presentations’ for the forthcoming Plenary that will take place in Singapore at the Orchard Hotel from 30th April – 2nd May 2024.

Under the theme ‘Ensuring a Connected Future,’ ICPC seeks presentation abstracts highlighting the following cable protection concepts:
  • Applying new and emerging technologies
  • Learning from project case studies
  • Understanding emerging issues, challenges, and proposed solutions
  • Operating in crowded marine areas
  • Managing increasing regulation
  • Defining sustainability in relation to cable protection
Read all the submission details in the ‘Call for Presentations’ two-page document.

2024 ICPC Plenary 'Call for Presentations'
Adobe Acrobat Document (.pdf) - 455 KB

International Cable Protection Committee Announces Dates for the 2024 Plenary

Thursday, 03 August 2023

The International Cable Protection Committee (ICPC) is pleased to announce the 2024 ICPC Plenary will be held in Singapore at the Orchard Hotel from 30 April – 2 May 2024.

After holding a very successful Plenary this past April in Spain, next year the ICPC will bring the submarine cable community together once again, but this time in the Southeast Asia region. Details such as hotel reservations and registrations, will be issued in due course, but this forthcoming November, ICPC will release its Plenary Call for Papers along with the event’s theme and suggested topics for abstract submissions. Abstracts will be considered from both Member and non-Member organisations including the cable industry, academics, and the science and legal communities.

Referring to the recent 2023 Plenary, Mr Graham Evans (ICPC Chair), remarked: ‘With a record-setting number of delegates in ICPC’s Plenary history, it was wonderful to hold an in-person event under the umbrella topic of submarine cable protection and security worldwide after a few years in a virtual setting. The event in Spain was outstanding and we expect an even better event in Singapore.’

Expanding upon the importance of being involved in the ICPC and attending its annual plenaries, Mr Ryan Wopschall (ICPC General Manager), stated: ‘Membership continues to grow as interest in this industry persists to evolve, while new areas of focus call for recommendations, outreach and engagement. Next year, we look forward to hearing from familiar faces (as well as new ones) discussing and exchanging vital information relevant to our undersea community.’

About the ICPC Plenary. The Plenary offers participants the opportunity to enhance their industry knowledge by networking with colleagues and customers as well as meeting with exhibitors who showcase their products and services. Delegates will witness an agenda full of pertinent presentations, round table debates and interviews. Current ICPC Members, guest observers and invited speakers from around the world will gather under one roof for three days to listen, learn, and discuss from a diverse set of topics about the vital importance of submarine power and fibre optic cables and their protection worldwide.

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