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ICPC Seeks Marine Environmental Advisor (MEA)

Thursday, 25 October 2018

ICPC’s current Marine Environmental Advisor (Prof. Lionel Carter) will relinquish his formal role in June 2019 after a long, distinguished and successful period of service. For that reason, ICPC is seeking to interview suitable candidates for the post of Marine Environmental Advisor to participate in a period of transition and then take up the role from July 2019.

ICPC is largely volunteer-led, and with a modest honorarium, the role of MEA remains vital in protecting the ICPC’s excellent reputation for sound scholarship and peer-reviewed research (as well as communicating these issues effectively) concerning the protection of vital submarine cables within the global man-made and natural ecosystem. It offers the post-holder an opportunity to make a true difference in relation to the understanding of environmental and socio-economic matters related to the global submarine telecommunication and power cable network that is part of the environment, and which powers the modern economy.

Please carefully read the documents below and kindly direct them towards potential candidates who may be equipped to serve as the ICPC’s next Marine Environmental Advisor. Applications will be considered and screened by a special multi-disciplinary panel in the ICPC. At the discretion of the panel, suitable candidates may be invited to interview. Please pass this message along to suitable academics/candidates who you feel could take on the role as well.

For enquiries, send an e-mail to:

ICPC Marine Environmental Advisor Solicitation
Adobe Acrobat Document (.pdf) - 449 KB

ICPC Marine Environmental Advisor Scope of Work
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ICPC Plenary 2019

Friday, 15 June 2018

ICPC Plenary 2019 will take place at the Courtyard Liberty Station Hotel in San Diego, California USA from 14-16 May 2019.

Theme: Critical Infrastructure Across the Oceans – protecting submarine cables and the marine environment

2019 ICPC Plenary Call for Papers
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